Lenten Lecture Series: On Stewardship with Fr. John Parker

For the first time, this year at Annunciation during Great Lent we are holding a “Lenten Lecture Series” on each Friday evening in the month of March. Beforehand we pray the Akathist to the Mother of God, which is traditional in Orthodox practice, followed up by a talk from an invited guest speaker.

On Friday, March 3, Fr. John Parker – Chair of the Department of Evangelization for the Orthodox Church in America, and Administrator for the OCA’s Mission Planting Grant – came from his home parish in South Carolina to speak on the topic of Stewardship and Church Growth. Below is the recording of the talk given by Fr. John and a link to download for easier listening on your own.

(Download an mp3 copy here for listening on your device.)

A few insightful highlights from the evening can be found at the following points during the one hour and ten minute talk:

19m:49s – With nothing or very little to give, how can the church grow?

44m:50s – If I don’t think I can give money, can I just increase the time I give to the church to make up for it?

51m:09s – What if we don’t even have enough money to pay our bills, how can we still tithe?

54m:08s – A challenge from Fr. John

58m:15s – Q&A: Fr. John, should I give while I’m in debt?

59m:56s – Q&A: Fr. John, do you regret building as big and beautiful a church as you did, even though you had to take on substantial debt?