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Healing Remedies for Today’s World

Schemanun Siluana Vlad

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The book God, Where is the Wound? is the transcription of three conferences held in Germany in 2012. This transcription was later augmented by Mother Siluana “for enrichment and explanation” of the text. And so, the book is an image of living faith, detailed, easy to understand and to be put into practice.

God, Where is the Wound? is an astonishing unveiling of the living Orthodox faith (a faith whose true meaning has sometimes been lost) in a language that is very accessible to people in today’s world, who will discover a faith that is true and dy-namic, perfectly adapted to the needs and experiences of our age, showing a way of life that brings healing.

Mother Siluana uses concepts from modern science to facilitate the understanding of common experiences that all readers can identify with. She clarifies the difference between life as survival-which we experience as a consequence of the Pall and for which we are conditioned by internal survival mecha-nisms— and Life as a gift from God, Life for which He created us, Life which becomes possible when we open ourselves up to God’s grace through prayer and the fulfillment of the com-mandments.

Mother Siluana’s desire and yearning was for all to be healed, and this yearning is apparent in all her works and her monastic life—it is also the impulse that is woven as a thread through the ideas, words, and images she uses in these conferences for illustrating psychological states and methods of healing, for offering unexpected answers to our pain and suffering.

Nun Efrema

Saint Silouan the Athonite Monastery, lasi, Romania

Published by St. Sebastian Orthodox Press

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