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The Meaning of Suffering

“THE QUESTION of suffering is one of the most sensitive questions. Many ask themselves: why has God created us to suffer in this world from diseases, sorrows, calamities, troubles, and misfortunes?…” And yet, “suffering in its nature is nothing else but a withdrawal from God. With God it would be well even in hell, ” declares Archimandrite Seraphim.

Where have we gone wrong that we suffer so meaninglessly?

Father Seraphim answers this question with penetrating clarity and with a compassion which warms the heart, helping us to come to the point where “quiet hope has taken the place of the bitter despair of suffering, and suffering is not unbearably heavy anymore, because it gives birth to sweet fruit.”

Strife & Reconciliation

“How light your soul feels when you are reconciled with your enemy… You want, like a bird freed from a cage, to fly up to the heavens with joy!..”

This volume of Archimandrite Seraphim’s counsels reveals the way from the raging sea of strife to the harbor of peace.

Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev (1912-

1993) was an outstanding pastor, spiritual writer, and theologian in contemporary Bul-garia. Today his books and pamphlets are pivotal in raising the level of spiritual life amidst the Bulgarian people, and reflect a depth of insight and experience which can touch the souls of all those in the world today who are hungry for God.