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Healthy, honest, wise, and practical. Mamalakis’s work should be required reading in every Christian household. Rooted in the faith, psychologically sound, and tested in the fire of a real family-this is a book I have been waiting to see for years.

-FR. STEPHEN FREEMAN, author, Everywhere Present and the blog Glory to God for All Things

Parenting Toward the Kingdom is a heartening reminder of our ultimate goal as Orthodox parents. Dr. Mamalakis offers practical solutions on how to respond more and react less to our children by making us aware of their struggles and helping us understand the whys of their behavior, thus giving us the ability to truly parent them in the right direction-toward the Kingdom of God.

-SYLVIA LEONTARITIS, author of the blog Adventures of an Orthodox Mom

Parenting Toward the Kingdom will help all parents who have the aim of making their homes a “micro-church” (a beautiful goal expressed by that great teacher of pedagogy, St. John Chrysostom). It will be often consulted and reread, because it combines high Christian ideals with everyday practical tips that everyone can learn to apply. It encourages parents to be vigilant, but it will not induce the anxious second-guessing that often taints the atmosphere in the home and hinders parent-child relationships from being natural and happy. Instead, this book describes realistically how being a conscientious parent and trying to improve brings blessings upon the whole family. It deals straightforwardly with mistakes that parents make. It offers solutions and includes ideas about how to make positive use of parenting guides. It will often make the reader smile.

-SISTER MAGDALEN, author of Children in the Church Today