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Baptisms & Chrismations

Below are all the Baptisms and Chrismations that have taken place here at Annunciation. Glory to God!

Slater Family Baptism
(Theophany 2018)
Deubelbiss Family Baptism
(November 2017)
Lydia’s Baptism
(September 2017)
Brenda’s Baptism
(Lazarus Saturday, 2017)
Damian’s Baptism
(July 2016)
Casserly Baptisms, Lawrence & Anna’s Chrismations (Pentecost, 2016)
Bruno Family Baptism
(June, 2016)
Lucille’s Baptism
(May 2016)
Alexandra’s Chrismation
(December, 2015)
Lukas’s Baptism
(September, 2015)
Juliana’s Baptism
(Holy Saturday, 2015)
Heib Family Chrismation
(Theophany, 2015)
Ethel’s Baptism
(November, 2014)